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2014-07-17 17:08:10 by polarbearbutt


now my 3DS XL isn't naked anymore lol

well happy early birthday to me

2013-10-30 14:57:41 by polarbearbutt

i bought myself a 3DS... XL and pokémon X. I'm so happy because i'm going to rot my life by playing pokémon and take care of my babies. I'm hella late though since pokémon came out like weeks ago. Oh and i never knew that the original red 3DS was discontinued! i'm fucking pissed! so that's why i got the XL and also the fact that the 3DS's were sold out ever since pokémon was released :|

ah frustrating

2013-03-30 13:04:17 by polarbearbutt

i learned that i won't become a teacher as a career because i get frustrated easily. it's not my fault, i guess?
after i completed playing The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time before my brother, even though it's his game, he needed assistance and he got lost so then, i got irritated. I'm trying to help! Hello? He also needed help on Pokémon White 2. *sigh* he has no patience. jeez =.= so with that being said, i don't like teaching because i don't have the patience either, but that's when i have to cooperate with people.

oh noooo

2013-01-24 16:45:59 by polarbearbutt

medals... they remind me of achievements on the xbox360... i want moar achievements nao. must. play. moar. games.


2013-01-22 22:50:38 by polarbearbutt

i think i just made someone feel awkward.... oh well~ i have no sympathy